Contemporary Matrimony


Wedding day is an auspicious day of each one’s life. Usually, it is the bride who is always super excited and totally involved in each arrangement while the groom just turns up everywhere he is expected to pay visit. For many men being at present on their wedding day is like making it for an appointment. May be it has to do something with the fact the men usually do not enjoy anything to do with shopping and nagging relatives.

With more and more women busy making their careers; neither do they have the time and energy to prepare things for their own weddings. Hence, the wedding planners! Well, this comes much later. Marriages are no more made in Heaven. They used to be arranged by parents (in some countries), love (in many other) and now via marriage bureaus and online matrimonial sites. In many marriages it is not the ‘Love’ but the money that is more important. Did I mention about the pre nuptials that celebrities are now signing as if they were signing endorsement contracts?

The whole marriage thing has undergone a huge change and this blog will be dedicated to talk not only about how traditionally nuptials were viewed but will, primarily talk about what is the emerging trend that has a potential of laying out another tradition for the future generations to follow. Right from picking your spouse to proposing to get engaged to finally take the plunge and no to leave behind the steamy honeymoon ideas.

Enjoy reading and let me if you have any such observation that can enhance by horizon and quality of by blog.

Keep Smiling!!!!


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