Wedding in various languages



When you are writer you usually set out on a quest of knowing more and more words to represent, so that your work doesn’t become repetitive. Here is a list of how one refers to wedding in numerous languages across the world

Wedding and its commonly used synonyms in English: Marriage, nuptial, matrimony, conjugal

Spanish: Boda, casameinto

French: Marriage, noces

German: Hochzeit, trauung, heirat

Irish: Bainise

Japanese: Kekkoshiki

Chinese: Huhnli

Hindi: Shaadi, vivah

Gujarati: Lagan

Dutch: Bruiloft

Turkish: Aptal Nisan

Serbian: Vencanje

Malay: Pernikahan

Norwegian: Bryllupet

Romanian: Nunta, Cununie

Urdu: Nikah

Here is a small list of marriages in about 15 languages. Time and again I would keep updating this list when I have few more to add which are not just literal Google translated. Everyone is always welcome to add what’s missing here.

Keep Smiling!!!


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