Arranged Vs Love Marriage

While the West has moved on to newer debates and acceptance of homosexual marriage, in East the old age debate of Arranged Vs Love Marriage rages on. For those who are not aware what Arranged wedding is all about here is a highlight. In this nuptial the girls’ and guy’s family members (typically, their parents, grand parents, elder uncles and aunts) fix the wedding. Only once the family is convinced match is perfect and approved will the to be bride and groom meet (in many case they still meet directly on the marriage day). May sound horrendous to marry some stranger, but most marriages here  conceived this way and about 90 % have been successful.

The newer generation in these countries has ventured into various territories to have tasted success very early on in life and is a sort of rebel as they see Love Marriage as their way of life. Their education and professionalism has made them question each of the society’s move and do things their own way. They no longer have to struggle in convincing their family of the acceptance of the  relationship, because readily give in to avoid their children any drastic steps. In case the couple is disowned or thrown out of the community, over the years they gain acceptance if their marriage has been the happy one and they have done well for themselves.

The signs of changes are everywhere and yet, there is still a very strong traditional section of youngsters who wouldn’t want to take chances in life and stick to the arranged marriage system and happily venture into the unknown territory without any hesitation, because that is how they are conditioned from childhood. In spite of being highly educated and professionally sound this bunch refuses to take the plunge.

As they say, to each it own, with arranged marriages comes a whole lot of family support, security and community acceptance which the love marriage doesn’t enjoy much. On the other hand, the later form of marriage has least amount of adjustments and a smooth functioning of a relationship if possible from day 1.


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