First Dance Wedding Songs English

First Dance is a concept that I love in the Christian Weddings. It is simply so romantic and gives couple an opportunity to indulge in official PDA (Public Display of Affection) in front of all you loved and close ones. When
you lovingly set your eyes on her as you sway to first dance wedding songs, that warm mushy feeling that tells you that you have truely found ‘the one‘ (in lives of many this moment comes
very frequently) is gives a different high and a meaning to your life.

No matter what the circumstances are that first dance after marriage is toe curling and memorable. There are numerous First Dance  songs but I have picked some of the best English first dance wedding songs with which you just cannot go wrong, ever.

* Truly Madly Deeply (Savage Garden)
* Forever and Always (Shania Twain)
* From This Moment (Shania Twain)
* As Time goes by (Casablanca)
* Hero (Enrique Iglesias )
* You Are My First, My Last, My Everything (Barry White)

First Dance Wedding Songs continued…
* My Heart Will Go on (Celine Dion)
* At last (Celine Dion)
* Nothing is gonna change my Love for you (George Benison)
* Everything I do (Bryan Adams)
* When You Say Nothing at all (Ronan Keating)
* Forever (John Stamos, yes the one from Full House)

* Endless Love (Dianna Ross and Lionel Richie)
* I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You (Elvis Presley)
* I Want it That Way (Backstreet Boys)
* Come Away With Me (Norah Jones)
* Fearless (Taylor Swift)
* Love Story (Taylor Swift, cute one if you are marrying your high school sweetheart)

No matter how bad a dancer you are, when your favourite romantic song is
played you would start swaying impromptu, no need for any sort of

The best song to be played as the first dance wedding songs is your ‘our song‘ – a song which has always played a vital role in your relationship, something to which when you listen to your world brightens up,the song that you sung when two of you got sloshed together and sang for the rest of the day, it helps you make up after an altercation, it makes you smile, as it begins it makes you turn to your partner with a knowing nod.
Yes that’s the ‘our song’.  It is a perfect choice to be played as First Dance wedding songs because it means the world to two of you.


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  1. John Tydway

    Every time I come to your wedding website I learn something new and intriguing about codes and programming languages and the likes. It is really a pleasure to visit and read from people who know what they are talking about, and who go out all the way to making sure that their readers understand what they are talking about.

  2. liladhar pirsali

    Congratulations for your nice efforts!

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