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Your personal guide to wedding planning

Wedding Planning checklist simplified (II)

Time to get in to more details about what to have on your wedding planning checklist to simplify your wedding plans ensuring that you do not miss out on anything:-

Guest List: Even before you go onto decide upon what would you wear, it is important to decide on your guest list briefly. Depending on your budget pick and choose how many people would you want to invite. Would  it an intimate affair with only you and your close family? Or would it be a huge family affair? Once that in clear make a profound and detailed list so that you can derive on an approximate number so that you can make rest of the arrangments.

Venue: It is the most important thing on your wedding planning checklist. If you want to have a destination wedding make sure you decide on one after thorough research. Breach wedding, underwater wedding, etc are the newest fad. Banquets, hotels are the usual picks, but nothing beat your home and the local church.

Food: Menu is vital and is taken care of easily in case of banquet and hotels. Pick the menu keeping everyone’s tastes in mind, your in laws, kinds, senior citizens, etc

Jewellry: Pick and choose only that contemporary design which you are sure to wear again or else like your wedding dress it would be pushed into a corner for rest of your life. Pick the ring which does justice to your spouses personality and do not act miser here, for this ring is going to be with you for the rest of your life.

Wedding DRESS: Nothing feels great like your mother’s wedding dress does, if you do not want to spend much. Get your dream dress with all those ruffles, Ivory coloured, embellishments, pick the right accessories,¬† etc.

With this your Wedding Planning Checklist is complete and it should help you to have a well planned wedding without any hiccups or disappointments.


Wedding Planning checklist simplified (I)

Alright! So you have got the two most essential things that you need to get married in place-Bride and Groom. It is time you put together other essential like letting your parents know, fixing a wedding date, venue, food, dress, rings, guest list, etc and ensure that all of these fit into your budget, because in the world that we today live in wedding is one occasion where you have to involve the whole everyone that you know since the time you were in you undies and flaunt your choice (of your dashing husband, dress, jewellery, fine wine, opulent rings, etc).

Yeah, this is what our weddings have been reduced to! Hence, you have to have a wedding planning checklist- its your only saviour! In this and forth coming blogs we had like to focus on them and help make your life a tad easier. Let’s go:-

Parents: This has to be on the top of your checklist. Years, back this would have been taken for granted, but today it is essential that you are planning to break news to them before making any other plans no matter how badly they have treated you. For all you know they might actually grow up and make your life easier knowing that you are someone else’s responsibility. If possible take your fiance with you, when you go to announce this excellent news.

It applies to ‘love marriages’, in case your parents helped in choosing your spouse, half of your planning tensions are taken care of.

Budget: In the times of economic downturn, it is absolutely vital that you first fix your budget for your ‘Dream wedding’. Your wedding planning checklist should fit in your monetary plans, unless you are filthy rich and can afford expensive nuptials anywhere in the world.

Ponder over these two essential points of checklist and hang on until the next post. Ciao!